R6: Siege (PC) 5on5 Bomb Com Cup #211 Europe

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R6: Siege (PC) 5on5 Bomb Com Cup #211 Europe

Post by waschbaer » Sunday 25. March 2018, 15:45

The team Crimson Barracudas participated on the ESL R6: Siege (PC) 5on5 Bomb Com Cup #211 Europe.

After some struggles the team got into the game and they were on a winning streak. On fourth round they struggled against 5FRAGS eSports and got their first loss. The motivation wasn't broken and they won against ThePolarMen without any problems. Nevertheless the concentration got down and they got beaten by Thot Patrol.

Thus they finished the Com Cup on rank #19!
Keep it up, the winner staircase is close!

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